Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Home for Pheobe

    "A Home for Phoebe is an historical novel of an Indian woman and a young girl wandering the hills of the Hudson Valley during the mind 1800's. One flees prejudice, while the other yearns for a home. Through the friendship of a peddler, a blind granny, and blacksmith's family, they learn of forgiveness and faith."

Zeke the Peddler rides into A Softer Voice 
to introduce you to author 
Yvonne Beverly Blake:   
     Thanks for joinin' us today on the blog tour for A Home for Phoebe. Say “Howdy” to Yvonne Beverly Blake.  Without her, none of us would have much to say, if you get m’drift.
     This mother of eight young ‘uns writes from a heart that loves God. Her memories of livin’ in the country east of Albany, New York surely helped her paint the scenery and set the special stops in place for Phoebe, Maseppa, and Granny. I never woulda guessed she’d plop somebody like me right in the middle of her story, but here I am – Zeke, a peddler who jus’ happen to show up to rescue uh … well, never mind that. I sure don’t want to get carried away and tell you more than you wanna know before you get to read A Home for Phoebe.
     Miss Blake knows all about the Algonkin people and the way most folks lived in the early days of America, includin’ the hurtful prejudice so many people had to endure. An’ I guess bein’ a teacher and a mama makes it real natural like for her to write a book that kids and their mamas and daddys could all enjoy.
     Her love of writin’ poetry sure comes through in her story tellin’. She’ll take you right through the forest and have you breathin’ in all the sweet smells of the flowers and plants that God put there for healin’ people.
     Be sure to leave a comment below to let Miss Blake know you’d be proud to enter her contest for a free copy of A Home for Phoebe.
     I got Ol’ Sam hitched to my wagon so we’ll be movin’ along now. They’s folks along the way waitin’ for us to bring our gen’ral store on wheels. Giddy up, Sam. We’re runnin’ outa daylight.

And on a personal note:
I just finished reading A Home for Phoebe and what an enjoyable journey to share with characters who feel like new family members. There are so many reasons to settle into
a world that we can only view through the eyes of ancestors or history books. Yvonne Beverly Blake weaves so much into her story of Phoebe and Maseppa. Her descriptions will transport you, educate you, and draw you into their lives and their individual quests. I can't wait to see what lies in their future in the sequel to A Home for Phoebe!  Nancy K. Sullivan

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