Friday, September 20, 2013

In The Twinkling of An Eye...

The days of loading film in darkened rooms, scrolling through to the first available frame, and making sure there were enough flashbulbs at the ready have faded along with some of our treasured photographs. Rolls of 36 exposures came up short at the most inopportune times.

Now a plastic insert about the size of a flattened Chic-let stores an incredible amount of photos. And, once that space is filled, the shots are simply downloaded from the camera and uploaded to a PC, iPad, iPod, CD, DVD, or the local discount house for developing. Then that remarkable little Chic-let is ready for the next 750 - 1000 shots of the objects of our affection.

"Let me show you my grandchildren" could lead to a triple feature complete with sodas and pop corn.
Then there's Facebook, Myspace, and You Tube. I love signing into my personal space of choice and immediately seeing the daily shots of my youngest grandson sitting in a bubble bath with bubble beards and hats, or videos of my oldest grandson marching in formation with his high school band on a beautiful fall afternoon.

As quickly as these images flash across our screens, there is one more Face that will suddenly appear. This moment in time will be captured, world-wide, "in the twinkling of an eye." No need to be armed with cameras or video equipment to save this moment for sharing later.

We who are in the eternal family album called the Book of Life will be gone before the rest of the world can blink. The unfortunate non-believers won't even see this most incredible moment in history. All they will have left of loved ones who disappear without notice will be their photos and the reality that the faith of Christian relatives and friends wasn't misplaced after all.

Which family album will you choose?

Now the Good News: Check the sidebar for the link for "I Want To Know Jesus".

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