Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lavender Rain - A Book Review

     Hope-filled fiction is used to describe the Serenity Cove series of novels by Rita Garcia. I just finished reading Lavender Rain - Maggie's Story. This third book in the Serenity Cove Series is as fresh as the first, Kaleidoscope Summer, and the second, Tangerine Morning.
      Rita’s writing provides a perfect Calgon-Take-Me-Away place to relax and enjoy the beautiful setting in Serenity Cove. The characters are easy to bond with and their stories are current and engaging.The beautiful setting is one of the things that brings me back for more visits. But the residents and their special life experiences make it such a pleasure to stay.

     Maggie's story will take you on an even deeper journey with real-life challenges that can only be effectively faced through faith. Rita Garcia stays true to her writing of "inspirational romance." Lavender Rain will remain with you long after you've enjoyed reading it. The story line is current and important on so many levels.
     You can find all three books at The link to Lavender Rain is below. They are also available for your Kindle. Enjoy.

      Have a cuppa, relax and enjoy your stay in this wonderful and picturesque oceanside community.


Dr. Rita Garcia is a Clinical Christian Counselor and an inspirational novelist. Her knowledge and passion for helping others brings realistic details to the counseling woven into her stories. The theme that permeates her writings is: Love, lit by the flame of hope. Romance is a big part of her novels. Hope is an even larger element of the stories. Rita and her husband, Joe, live in Southern California.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Special Gift

God's Valentine Message

Today’s post for the Valentine season comes from one who will enjoy the source of all love face to face today – with Jesus. My mother, Goldie Opal McCall joined Him and my dad, “Mac” last April 19, 2013.
Mother loved doing acrostics. She used them often in her teaching in Sunday School and for her personal Bible study. The following is one she did February 14, 1991:  

"God’s Valentine Message is for Every Day" 

G – God’s gift of Love to all, His Son Jesus who in
O – Obedience left Heaven for
D – Death on the cross, to provide
S – Salvation to “Whosoever” will accept Him. 
His Gifts to Us: 
V – Victory in life and over death.
A – Answers to our prayers.
L – Love beyond measure and forever.
E – Example of Jesus to follow.
N – A New Nature.
T – Talents and time to serve Him and others.
I – Inheritance in Heaven as His child.
N – (Our) Needs will be supplied according to His riches in glory.
E – Eternal Life. 

        “Valentine’s Day is a time set aside to show love for for another. This is good, but sad that it is not a practice that can be celebrated each and every day.
        “Since God is the source of all Love, I have spent this day in thankfulness to Him for His love toward me, and the love I have received from my family and friends.
        “I wanted to share this, “His Valentine Message” to me, with you and I hope you will claim it for yourself each and every day.” 

Goldie McCall

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