Monday, November 1, 2010

A Journey of Faith

Listen to the choir of angels
Singing and surrounding
The resting place of animals
Transformed into a Cradle of Royalty
For the King of Kings

See the Face of Heaven
Plunge beneath the river and
Thrust upward through the clear water
Hear His Heavenly Father’s voice
Reveal His pleasure

Feel the hunger of the Saviour
As He refuses the bread of deception
Feel the swish of angels’ wings
Sweeping Satan out of their way
As they rush to minister to their Jesus

Observe the celebration
As two lives become one
And Jesus respects His mother’s wishes
Waterpots filled with water
Astonish guests with His first miracle.

Watch a miracle unfold
Inside a boy’s woven basket
Count the hungry souls
Fed to satisfaction
Then count the leftovers

Face the wind and the tempest
As the vessel heaves to and fro
Fear sweeps over the sailors
And they rush to their Protector
Who speaks “Peace” and the waves obey

Look into the eyes of the betrayer
As he drinks the wine, eats the bread
Picture the broken body
And spilled blood
Of Jesus.

Listen as Jesus prays in a garden,
“Not My will but Thine”
And drops of blood fall at His feet
While His best friends
Sleep on

Follow Simon of Cyrene
As he carries the tree of death
Up the mountain of Golgotha
And the sound of hammer upon nail
Echoes throughout the land

See His blood streaming down the cross
As hearts of stone shout and spit
At the one and only Son of God
The Father turns His face
The sin of mankind melts away

Stretch to see the faces of those
Whose steps thunder towards
The empty tomb - He is risen!
Look over their shoulders as they stare
In unbelief.

Look up!
The blare of Gabriel’s trumpet calling
The ransomed home.
And, finally, the New Jerusalem
Gleaming and descending from the sky

Nancy K. Sullivan
October, 2010
The Journey of Faith is an amazing life-changing trip.
Check the link "I Want To Know Jesus" for travel arrangements.


Debbie Dillon said...

I love this! Great job with the new blog, and an even greater job with this poem. Beautiful:)


Nancy/A Softer Voice said...

Thank you, Debbie, for making me an official "blogger". I look forward to visiting your page.
God Bless.

Patty Wysong said...

Loved this walk, Nancy!

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