Monday, November 15, 2010

"In everything give thanks..."

One week ago Friday, a day I felt was imminent had arrived. I drove to my 87-year-old mother's home to take her to what should have been a routine doctor's visit. Instead, I found her unable to walk unassisted and offering to take an overnight bag along "just in case."

A call to her doctor resulted in being rerouted to the ER. The initial exam and preliminary lab work failed to offer a diagnosis; however, the MRI would finally tell the story: Mom had suffered two mild strokes, one at some earlier time.

Thankful? For a stroke? Not at all. Thankful for the "lab work of a twenty-year-old." Thankful that Mom's mind is equally young. The strokes affected her balance and her ability to stand.

The following Sunday evening, her doctor noticed her condition had weakened. A second MRI confirmed another "tiny stroke." Another opportunity to be thankful. Mom was already in the hospital so her care was immediate and the addition of a couple of medications appear to have stopped that progression. Her mind and remaining motor skills are still strong.

Today she was transported to Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation center where, we've been told, Mom should regain her balance and strength enough to manage a walker. She has beaten the best guesses for recovery from serious illness before and, barring any more complications, will probably do so again.

Just a few more words of gratitude for a wonderful husband, two sisters, a brother and their spouses. Each one willing to do whatever we can to care for and support a sweetheart of a mom. She taught us well. Did I mention how thankful we are for her?

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Debbie Dillon said...

Thank God all the way around that one! So glad for the best possible news. It's good to see you back!


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