Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stepping Stones to Glory

In 2008 my husband and I joined our pastor and about 40 other travelers on a journey to the Holy Lands. Stepping Stones to Glory was written as a journal entry on three of the many highlights on this incredible experience. The pictures are photos of these three traditional sights: Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, His underground prison at the house of Caiaphas, and the sight of His brief burial at the Garden Tomb.

Three caves of destiny
A purpose for each one
Prepared in God’s own time
For the journey of His Son

The cave at Bethlehem
A manger carved from stone
Provided the Messiah
A bed to call His own.

The cave that had no door
Where His broken body lay
Beaten and all alone
Until the light of day

The cave inside a garden
Where prophecy was fulfilled
The stone was rolled away
An empty tomb revealed.

Carved and set in place
The caves would someday be
Landmarks of Jesus’ life
His Stepping Stones to Glory.

Nancy K. Sullivan 2/16/08


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Karin Kaufman said...

Nancy, I love the poem and photos. Beautiful! One of these days I'm going to make it to the Holy Lands.

I've added your blog to my blog roll--thanks for the exchange!

Karin Kaufman said...

Nancy, feel free to remove this comment--I didn't know how else to notify you. The name of my blog has changed to "Karin Kaufman's Blog" and the new URL is Thanks.

Debbie Dillon said...

Oh, this is beautiful! I haven't been over here in awhile - I'm so sorry :( Beautiful words and great pics. I'm telling ya'.....the two together would make a wonderful poetry book :)

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