Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun for the Younger Readers

Yvonne Blake taught "Tips and Tools for Writing Children's Literature" at the recent FaithWriters Conference. Her class was explained this way:

"Children's stories are more than cute animals and happy endings. Yvonne  Blake shows how to use basic literary techniques and reading-level word lists to make children want to read your sories, over and over again."

Follow the links below to two ebooks written by a lady who knows how to make reading fun for children (and, I must admit, for adults.)

Peeper and the Great Hawkins -

The Important Message -

Learn more about Yvonne's work here:


Yvonne Blake said...

Thanks, Nancy

Debbie Dillon said...

Yep, gotta admit, a lot of times those children's books are great for adults, too. And I agree, "Children's stories are more than cute animals and happy endings." Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

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