Thursday, August 18, 2011

In The Eye of Deception

When I read Nikki Rosen’s post at Jesus Boat Blog, Grace Made the Difference, I had to check out her blog, Gentle Recovery( Her book, In The Eye of Deception, won the Canadian Christian Writing Award. I’ve ordered her book and look forward to reading about her extraordinary journey. Nikki graciously agreed to provide the following information:
No Hope? Know Hope!!! In the Eye of Deception, an inspirational true story that shows nothing is impossible to overcome.
Not drugs, not an eating disorder, not self-harm, not panic attacks, not prison, not rape, not living on the streets with no money, no family and no hope. Nikki can say this because she was there.

Raised in a middle class Jewish family, she learned at a young age she had no right to exist. She lived wild, out of control, on life's edge.
She was told she could have a marginal life with professional intervention. She beat the odds - She did it with God's help. In the Eye of Deception is Nikki's story - a story of healing and redemption.

Reader Comments:

Lisa - I don't believe in co-incidence, your book came to me as a message of hope.

Stan - I couldn’t put the book down! If ever there were a must read, it is In The Eye of Deception, a truly phenomenal book by a truly phenomenal person and writer.

Janet - your book has helped me to open up and gave me so much hope! It has made a difference in my outlook on my situation.

Debby - In the Eye of Deception is a redemptive story of God's love. Not only that, Nikki is an excellent writer - among the ranks of Frank Peretti and Robin Parrish.

 To read the introduction and Reviews go to


Lisa Mikitarian said...

Sounds like a powerfully written testimony to the healing power of Christ!

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

"Powerful" is the word for this one. Nikki stayed the course through the refining process and now counsels others. Her story is so inspirational.

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