Saturday, April 16, 2016

Draw Me

Photography by Mid Stutsman

Draw Me

Draw me through my tears
  Embrace me in my fears
In the stillness of the night
  Draw me

Draw me through my doubt
  Use truth to draw me out
When lies of the world deceive
  Draw me

Draw me into Your joy
  Use praises to employ
Your mercy and Your grace
  Draw me

Draw me to new heights
  Lift me with Your might
To Your ways higher than mine
  Draw me

Draw me through the skies
  To Your glorious home on high
Forever in Your light
  Draw me

© Nancy K. Sullivan    
    February 4, 2014


Mid Stutsman said...

Yes!! Lord, draw me closer until I'm overwhelmed by Your presence!!

Beautiful, Nancy!!

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Thank you, Mid. And a big hug for sharing your beautiful photography! Honored to use it :)

Rita Garcia said...

May this be the cry of my heart. Yes, Lord, Draw me! Beautifully written, Nancy. I hope your book will be available soon. Hugs. <3

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Thank you, Rita, for the great encouragement. As for the book, my part is completed. I'm just waiting for the final revisions, printing, and availability processes to be completed. Have a blessed day :)

Debbie Dillon said...

Just now getting a chance to stop by and read this. Wow - beautifully written, my friend. It's what I so desire, for Jesus to "Draw me through my doubt" and "use truth to draw me out..."

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Thank you, Debbie. The pull on my life with such unnecessary activities and worldly discouragement needs that stronger urge from the Holy Spirit to refocus on the Father. Blessings to you :)

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